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Move with us in our Group Classes… they are multi-level, fun and challenging. No matter where you are in your movement journey, your instructors will look after you, offer options throughout the class, and invite you to get the most out of your time with us.

There are a variety of classes to choose from, so there is something for you… we’re giving you countless reasons to love TMC! With a max of 14 people in a class, we are committed to having your back. We focus on form, so you are sure to get an effective workout.

Our member community is welcoming, so you can feel confident knowing you can smile and laugh as well as sweat and shake with us!

Mat Pilates


Calling newbies through to seasoned Pilates-goers! Our Mat Pilates classes are creative, and fun and will get you shaking in all the right places. This is a strengthening and lengthening class, based on the fundamentals and repertoire from the man himself, Joseph Pilates. We play with a variety of small props to mix up and enhance your workouts, and our instructors will add their own flair and flow to the class, so you will always feel challenged and stimulated. Look forward to improved posture, coordination and balance, better lung capacity and stress management, improved focus and body awareness, and a stronger and longer body.

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Swiss Ball


No bouncing here! This class is all about control and stability, and working muscles you didn’t know you had. Using the Swiss Ball, this class incorporates Pilates moves and ballet technique to wake up your stabilisers and strengthen your body from the inside muscles out. Expect some laughs, but don’t be fooled… this class burns and sculpts the full body in the best possible way. Expect to feel more centred and balanced, as well as deeply engaged and connected with your muscles, you’ll feel yourself sitting taller at your desk / couch / car seat. There’s no cheating in this class, you will get bang for your buck because that ball will keep you honest!

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Cardio Pilates


Get ready to sweat, shake and be absolutely addicted! This class doesn’t mess around, it combines sculpting, low-impact cardio and fun moves all in one technique-based package. Utilising the ballet barre, this class is rooted in Pilates fundamentals but blooms through dance inspired vibes. Our instructors focus on form, guiding you through a workout targeting all areas of the body. Don’t be deterred, there is zero experience required, this class is for everybody. Every exercise is layered and you are invited to choose your own adventure, to get a workout that will leave you feeling empowered and worked in the best way!

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Slider Pilates


Burn, baby, burn… We merge our love for Mat and Reformer Pilates moves and add in sliding discs. Sounds fun, right?! Absolutely right. This class doesn’t mess around. Look forward to feeling the inner thighs, booty and abs shake and fire, plus the flow of this class means that you will get a max cardio workout, with super low impact. This class will help you balance and strengthen, and feel control over your body with a strong core. Using Reformer moves, the resistance of the sliding discs replicates the spring resistance on a Reformer. And Mat exercises are given some slider spice also!

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Suspension Pilates


If you’re looking for strength training the Suspension Pilates class is for you. We combine Pilates exercises with TRX exercises and a lot of flow in between, all done with a TRX suspension trainer. You will utilise your body weight to improve functional strength, agility and endurance, as well as develop core strength and balance. Because this training is weight-bearing and creates increased tension on muscles and bones, it can lead to increased bone mineral density. So many wins! Think arms, abs and booty, plus improved posture and some flushed cheeks on the way out!

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Cardio Blaster Pilates


Short, sweet and sweaty! A full-body HIIT workout with bursts or cardio and segments of sculpting, this is a fast-paced cardio class. Expect to shine with sweat, laugh as you catch your breath, shake with intensity, and smile when it ends… because this class is over before you know it. You will get your heart rate elevated whilst working through the different areas of the body to strengthen via dynamic moves. There are some jump-based exercises, however, your instructors will always offer non-jump alternatives, so you can work to your max, whatever that is for you at the moment. Energise and empower whilst getting results.

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Stick Pilates


Take your workout to the next level by adding the intensity of the Pilates Stick & Straps. Incorporating traditional Mat and Reformer Pilates exercises with ballet technique, you will use resistance to deepen your muscles’ engagement and challenge your stabilisers. This is a low-impact class, but it is high-intensity and will surprise you with the high-calorie burn and high sweat factor! The elastic resistance means you can expect to strengthen and mobilise to your limits, and you control how much you need. And your core? It will be engaged the entire time thanks to the resistance… you’re welcome!

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Chill time! Get ready to unwind, release and stretch. This class is all about giving you some TLC you-time, and all the juicy and yummy moves your body is craving. Think feel-good stretches, flowing release, self-massage and slow breathing. Walk out feeling more mobile, flexible, relaxed, open, long, and… well… just feeling good! Whether you use this as a stand-alone class, or to complement or follow another class, we want you to take advantage of this time for yourself, leave any of your stresses outside and enjoy this moving meditation. (Don’t you feel better just reading about this class?!)

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Dance Cardio


Let’s dance! Whether you’re too shy to bust a move in public, are a seasoned professional, or like to practice your moves in your lounge room, this class is multi-level and for all humans. Because let’s get real, we want everyone to feel good dancing. Zero expectation, zero judgment, zero pressure. The benefits of dancing are endless but think endorphins and social happiness. Your instructors will guide you through the moves, but if you want to bust your own moves or jam, then we encourage it! The most important thing here is that you have fun. The sweat, tone and sculpt are benefits too, but you’ll be too lost in the rhythm to notice the burn!

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Pre & Post Natal Pilates


This class is specifically designed and tailored for our pre and postnatal humans! Our instructors are trained to look after you and understand that everybody has a different and unique perinatal journey. Your instructor will offer options based on what stage you’re in as well as how you’re feeling on each given day. Know that by getting to class and moving your body, you are doing amazing. Parents, you’re welcome to bring your little one to this class, with exercises designed to be done with them in a supportive carrier, on the mat with you, or in a pram (suitable until they’re on the move). Stretch, stabilise and strengthen in a guided and supportive environment.

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